The Following Sites have received the Red Eye Rated Site of the Month Award for Originality:

November 1997          Rhianna

December 1997          anonymomma's world

January 1998           The Days Of My Life

February 1998          Solaria Central Plaza

March 1998             Man Creates ART Creates Man

April 1998             Jose Rojas' Casa Page

May 1998               The Loathsome Web Page

June 1998              A Dark Vampire Fantasy/Lady Miska's Reality

July 1998              Ten Simple Secrets For 'A' Papers

August 1998            Scary Squirrel World

September 1998         Smilin Buddha 98

October 1998           Music Notes

November 1998          Dunu Galleries

December 1998          Distance and Love

January 1999           Loadstar's Lair

February 1999          G PAGE

March 1999             Dr. Mojo

April 1999             Yosi's Site of Sights

May 1999               Web Holidays

June 1999              Brides of Kane

July 1999              Tartarus' Shuddersome Realm

August 1999            Laughing Out Loud To Good Health

September 1999         Los Angeles-A Virtual Photo Tour

October 1999           Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie Homepage

November 1999          The Obsidian Labyrinth

December 1999          Topher's Castle

January 2000           RUTI

February 2000          The Pasquinade

March 2000             Aunt Milly's Mindful Memos and Gentle Advice

April 2000             One Ocean Kayaks

May 2000               Naked


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